Real News - Videos 2020!


"Mandatory masks are just an excuse to create a reason to close all stores and physical spaces such as: Hospitals, schools, small commercial spaces, etc. imposing the next industrial era - The Internet of things.

What is The Vaccine?

Care Home Vax Murders And Media Continue to Lie and Cover Up!

Vienna - German Police Walk With Pacific Protesters!

something strange in Joe Biden's face!

And... More Lies From CNN=CIA Tv Channel Agency!

Sacha Stone Its an Evil Rockefeller Member?

Vladimir Putin Against the New World Order Part 3!

Bill Gates born bad or was he replaced?

Insurrection, Inauguration, the Q Psyop and Vaccination!

Vladimir Putin Against the New World Order Part 2!


ANAL COVID19 SWABS? This is For Real?

Vladimir Putin Against the New World Order Part 1!

Did Nostradamus Predict Everything Currently Happening in 2021!

The condition of a teenager after the covid19 vaccination!

Vladimir Putin's Indictment Against the New World Order!

Catch me if you Can... :)

First Wave! This Season show us the 3 waves and the "Alien" Invasion Between us!

Donald Marshall - Cloning & Torturing. Tila Tequila, Britney Spears! YOU MUST WATCH THIS!

WTF is This? Draconian Reptilian Tongue?

Queen Admits She is “Not Human”!

Putin reveals Alien Hybrids Reptilians are the Ruling Class!

Queen Adrenochrome eye at polo match!

Covid19 Dumms on Portuguese Channel - TVI  manequins usados como Pacientes Covid19.

So Busy with Covid19 Sick People This Nurses...

Antifa Party - It was on this scum that you voted?

In The End Light always Wins!

Trump remains the Official President? Blind People are Under Spell?

Can Trump be "The Father of All Lies"?

Google Knows More About You Than you?


Chinese troops,Inauguration,Saudi Arabia,Pakistan,Reset,Fauci,Stocks? True or not?

The New WhatsApp Update is Scary!

No food in stores! Why? Because the Fake pandemic! They are Killing Us!

National Guard in White House!

Melania Trump says goodbye to the White House?

POTUS - National Sanctity Of Human Life Day!

Donald trump Video-How to Steal an Election,Brainwash,Media liars,etc!

Truckers Shows Pedo Biden in Big Screens!

Protests Against Fake Pandemic LockDown Ilegal Restrictions!

Impeachment Against Joe Biden?

Amazon Data Was Destroy by Fire? Dangerous Data?

Did Nostradamus Predict Everything Currently Happening in 2021?

What they don't want you to see _ know!

US Militars + UFO! Do you think this is Fake? They are Helping us Cleaning The Swamp!

Thunders in Satanic Obelisc?

Us Militars Arrived The White House To Protect POTUS 3!

Us Militars on The Way to The White House To Protect POTUS 2!

Us Militars on The Way to The White House To Protect POTUS 1!

You dont Have to Use an Mask! Really Dr. Faucci? We already Know that!

Goodbye YouTube!


David Wilcock - Trump, Alliance, Cabal, Epstein, Lin Wood, China!

Antifa-BLM in the US Streets! Its that Evil Scum you Support?

Google,Apple&Amazon Ban Parler From App Stores!

Trump applauded by the US military!

Rudy Giuliani Video Banned From Youtube! Why? Free Speech Not Allowed!

J. Dorsey Another Corrupted Confronted by an Citizen!

Antifa Cabal Trying Destroy USA!

BLM Scum Antifa Caught in Front of The Hotel he is in!

Pelosi - POTUS coming Soon - Be Ready!

We will be deceived? Simpsons Predictions or Already planned at years?

The Lacerta Files - The Reptilian Story!

TORY SMITH -...Mike Pence Has Murdered ANOTHER Boy.- Is PENCE A Luciferian Pedophile?

People Dropping Like Flies from the Vax, Empty Hospitals!

Another George Floyd PSYOP! - Ashli Babbit ALIVE and WELL The FALSE FLAG Shooting! She isnt an Trump Suporter!

Cabal are poisoning us for decades!

Capitolio PSYOP - How Antifa and Media Lie to You -They are Real Scum!

Message from POTUS - He will Concede? Q Plan or Cabal Plan???

Man Who Stormed the Capitol Yellowstone Wolf!

Lin Wood started dropping the notorious hacking group Lizard!

They are murder my mother in Hospital!

Covid19 has been proven to exist?

How Stupid and Brainwash are this Covid19 Sheeps?

CDC Death Numbers Expose Covid19!

David Wilcock Global Peace Meditation to Offset Coming Events!

Covid19 Vaccine  Sterilisation!

 President Bolsonaro Without Mask swim with Brasilian people(01°_JAN_2021)!


Trump Ralli 06-12-2021 - Pastor preaches on Being Loosed From the Bondage of Satan!

Portuguese Nurse Murdered with Covid19 Vaccine? RIP


We are weating Poison - Sinthetic Food in manny Countrys!

Jeff - The Politicians and the Media are Laughing At All the Suckers...


 The symbol of the violent Marxist group BLM being shown above London!


Another Covid19 Hospital Empty!

 What the Plandemic Masters are trying to do with our Mind!

Trump - Exposing some corrupted People!


Covid19 Brainwash - How to Break?


Corey Feldman Reveals the Name of an Alleged Abuser!


And...Another Empty Hospital - Its an Scam! wake the F... Up!

Coronavirus 1970s - How Stupid are you?

Former Merck Employee Brandy Vaughan Was Murdered! RIP And Thank you for Everything! The Fight Continue!

Another Empty Hospital with Hospital Security Confirmation!


Nashville - Why is it not global news Show everyone these photos!


TUESDAY VIDEO Upload Issues! Swamp Creatures XPOSED! Tapper Cries At MEAN TWEET!

How is This a Thing- 30th of December 2020!

ALL THE WAY IN on time travel! And Trump win in 2016 anyway??? Weird!

For the Mental Coward Brainwash Covid19 people!


A mission update regarding TLS???Tired of waiting for the end of this Big Sh..!


The Insane Masked People "killing" us all with there ignorance!

You have never been alone!


Mcallister - Post Christmas Podcast! UPDATES! Reptilians! Roswell! Voter Fraud!

Santa - Christmas BOOMS!  Ezra Booms! Dominoes! Q Map!


 Nashville Explosion Evil Cabal "Work"?


Message From The Galactic Federation of Light - Our Role in 2021?



 Juan O'Savin- The Grand Finale!

Your Behaviour Won't Be The Same - Dr. Bruce Lipton!



Juan o Savin. Has the keys!!!

Why Activision COD Mobile Game its Cabal Evil Elite?



P. Veritas - Ballots allegedly stuffed inside a Korean Air Bombardier aircraft in AZ!

Mark Zuckerberg Cant Drink Water? Clone,Robot,Reptilian, or all in one?


 Utsava - JFKjr ANNOUNCED,Corona vaccine=dangerous- Barr,Wray, Haspel-ARRESTED, HCQ over counter COMING!!China!


 Mcallister - MORE Massive Fraud! Q Post Throwback! Anderson Cooper's HIDDEN HISTORY!

 Santa - Christmas!

Mcallister - BOOM WEEK AHEAD!- HEADLINES! Merry Christmas PATRIOTS WorldWide!




Portugal Blue Sky on 25 December! No Cheamtrails! Beautiful!


Tony Holohan Admitted That The Covid19 Virus Has Not Been Proven To Exist.


 Eve Lets breakdown the lawsuit against VP Mike Pence!


NWO,5G,Vaccines,Cabal,Covid19,Corona Virus,AI,Trump,Pizzagate,Famous,Hollywood,

Elvis Presley vs Bob Joyce  -  Laughter Comparison - American trilogy Comparison!


Christmas message from President Donald Trump and Melania!

Merry Christmas to all! We are the World! Share and Spread joy!




workings of Hollywood, Disney, Netflix, and news media!

Santa - BIG THINGS HAPPENED! Trump isn't signing that Bill! Congress is going full Squirrel!

Jon Voight explains how conservatives can not only save Hollywood, but rescue the nation!


Julian Assange - Fake News Create wars - Make viral!

Effectively Red Pilling The Sleeping Masses, Special Guests Ron Partain & MilSpec Ops Monkey!

Mcallister - 14th Amendment! ELECTION FRAUD! Insurrection! GET READY!

Deep State Bill Barr is Gone! Election Situation is Causing States To Go With Donald Trump!

How to Install an Firewall for Free - Chinese Hacker caught!


David Icke - The 'Christmas Star' Alignment - What Will It Mean?

Jeff - Dictatorship of the Billionairiat Cancels Christmas... And Humanity!

RIP - Brandy Vaughan worked for the pharmaceutical giant MERCK & CO!


An unbelievable Sick Children  story 

proves that the power of God its Real!


Pfizer COVID 19 VACCINE kill The Nurse that fainted live on air!

Mcallister - Something Is Happening! PANIC IN DC! Is Obama Related to HITLER?

Worldhide Doctors say Pandemic its fake!

Lorie Ladd - Dark Energies & FREE WILL!

Mcallister - US POLITICIANS In Bed With CHINA! TRAITORS Everywhere! #DrainTheSwamp!

The Golden Age is Here - Victory Of The Light!

Lorie Ladd-IMPORTANT MESSAGE-- & A Personal Story!

GENE DECODE Mega UPDATE! DUMBS Destroyed! All Assets Deployed!
Nurse get covid vaccine and gives interview about how happy she is.... and GETS SICK AND PASSES OUT!
Jeff - On Living In the Covid Great Reset Age... and how to Breathe Anarchapulco!

WE Create Our Future Now.
 Current Energies: SOVEREIGNTY!
 Our Jorney Together will be Amazing! - WWG1WGA!
We are free,We are United,we are one!WWG1WGA!

 We all together in 2021 - WWG1WGA!

Trump did something big! Assange recording! Zuck dark money!

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Phone Call With Hillary Clinton's State Department!

Gold & Dollar- How Money Became Worthless - Currencies Explained - Documentary - Fiat Currency!

Lying TV channels close to being knocked down??? Portugal!


ET's, Disclosure & False Flags W_ Jason Shurka!



Fallen Angels Making Themselves Known!


BANNED FROM YOUTUBE And Kary Mullis, Inventor of PCR, Says Fauci is a Fraud and Liar!

WHERE IS HUNTER? Kayleigh McEnany BLASTS Media Over Hiding Hunter Biden Stories!

CCP Members Hold Positions at British Consulates, Major UK, US Firms- Leaked Database.


C-19 Vaccine- Possible Shadow of the Human Collective.

Discussing Agenda 21 and The Fourth Industrial Revolution!


USA vs China War its iminent or only another PSYOP? "Fallen Angels" Making Themselves Known?

David Wilcock - "At least the next 4 at 6 months we will Continue lockdown at home". Now the escused its an suposed World war? Or not?...and they are getting used to being stuck us at home and the "New Abnormal" its everyday more "Normal" or not???

Is Trump in favor of the vaccine??? He is against the plandemic or not????

This what you are doing!

Betrayal your own people!
Telepizza and pizzahut have been making money as garbage these weekends of confinement here in Portugal and guess what ... They are not Chinese companies, they are American. All waiting for the American Savior once again, Covid19-false pandemic (created by the genocidal media) another Hollywood Psyop movie to steal the world in the end and once again the "lords" USA come out as heroes. This film is already old (it has already been made against Cuba, Russia, Iraq, Iran, Japan, etc.) but with this bunch of mentally retarded,coward and ignorant people around the world with muzzles on their snouts it always works. Result of a stupid and ignorant society! Thank you for dragging people like me your cowardly and ignorant genocidal helpers!
 Titles,Men,Power...Nothing! I have Nothing"

 "They may take our lives but they'll never take our freedom!"

What if Trump is a deep state and Q are just a lie to deceive Internet People like Media liars in tv? They only give fake dates and Delay,delay,promissed,promissed,BS! Think...All the Trump and Q objectives are the same than Cabal Elite:Financial Reset and World Population Reduction!  The Iluminatti "arrested"actors are making movies this year like Meryl Streep or Nicole Kidman and manny others...Until now we only have promissed Nothing more!

Kim Clement - Memorial Video!

12_9_2020 - GITMO Map and US Navy Comms - BIG BOOMS!

I beg you all watch this!

This is the World "we" build and Worship - Hell Aberrations!

YouTube belong to cabal! Wake up...They are all Cabal! Until now we only have promises!

So according to Trump and the "Q" Meril Streep is a witch and is already in prison or dead ... So why does she keep making Movies this year? And look at the title ... Isn't it making fun of us? The DS found no rotten about trump with all this illegal surveillance ??? No one is 100% clean on this planet! BS!


The Rising Global Technocracy - "Trust the Plan?" What Plan????

Rebel ZACH VORHIES EXPOSES Google Empire Agenda Part 1&2 !

Physical ASCENSION symptoms NOW!

Donald Trump Jr. Live in White House!


‍Heres a little code to check if ur phone is tracked, For iphone and android.

David Wilcock - Corey Goode- The Antarctic Atlantis - MUST SEE LIVE DISCLOSURE!

The Good and Evil forces Plan!



Donald Trump Will Win - Prophetic Word that will happen in next 7 days!

Kim Clement and President Trump Prophecies - 2020 & The Wall.


Republicans tender new CCTV footage to Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee!

New Abnormal Advertising!

Conversation with 2 Starseed Boys!


Feeling DOUBT? Listen to this analogy ❤️

This may be the most important speech Ive ever made.... Jesse Morgan—a truck driver (subcontractor) with USPS in PENNSYLVANIA!


CNN- the Prophecy of Trump!


A man lost his business that he built over 30 years lost due to lockdown!


The prophecy! The Real Prophet! The Word of God!


The Hebrew Resh 2020.


ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR. BREAKS HIS SILENCE  For Vaccine Injury and Vaccine Rights!

Nephilim- TRUE STORY of Satan, Fallen Angels, Giants, Aliens, Hybrids, Elongated Skulls & Nephilim!

David Wilcock - Corey Goode- Endgame II-- The Antarctic Atlantis ET Ruins - Cabal Rescue Plan!

Pandemic Is A Great Cover For A Financial System Reset-Digital Money!


Weapons to Control the Wheater!


Dolores Cahill - take off the mask do not comply you are harming yourself  When everyone says NO and opens  this will be over!

Stew Peters Freedom is under attack, and heres why...

AMI - Fernando Nobre - Enough about this Fake Pandemic!PT!

Wearing MASK Sends 4 Year Old To HOSPITAL!Almost Dies From Bacterial Pneumonia.

Beast System Going Live Worldwide!What You Need to Know!

They Can't Hide It Anymore!

Well, This is Odd…

Judge of What? You dont have autorithy to arrest me!


Media liars are Extremely Dangerous to People  Democracy!


3 Angel Childs doing the Adults work against Media lies and Pedos!

Freedom fighters on the way to London are detained on the coach by the Gestapo!

UK police grab an elderly woman?Not afraid to Spread the plandemic?Here is the Social Distance?

2020 Celestial Event!

THE EVENT - December 2020!

The Black Eyed Club Pedo Ring!


Covid19 PSYOP is happening in the UK - This is horrendous!

UN Building with no Flags no Guards Confirmed 7th September 2020!

A.I. Fake People videos Talking and move!

Magenta Pixie - Current Earth Story Plotline - Psychic Update for November 2020

We are an product of an Insane Cult.

Trump v Tv Fake News! :)

Why Fox News do Joe Biden like this? :)

Really?And people follow this nonsesnse rules?


Quantum  Watermark Ballots System! 

Kidnapped Childrens!


How To Brainwash 7 Billion People - Regan Hillyer!

Starlink Quantum Internet its part of New Bright World?

Free Oxygen and Mask without oxygen.



Are the sheeps really Blind or what?

Seems like the governments are trying to; Flatten the Economy Flatten small business Flatten job and livelihoods Flatten democracy Flatten!


CONFIRMED- aborted Male fetus in Covid 19 vaccine

Lets so No to Ilegal Lockdowns and Ilegal Restrictions!


Hollywood is in Deep Trouble - The Storm

Another PSYOP Dummy???

Nazi Ilegal Laws on Bus!

Jim Caviezel's Response to America's Crisis Is So POWERFUL!

 The New Normal???Not For me!?

11/27/2020 Trump Removes 11 Pentagon Advisors! Buh Bye Kissinger and Albright!

Prophecy of Trump Scandal 2020

A Message For All Of Humanity - Charlie Chaplin!

SUPPRESSED SECRET TECHNOLOGIES: Med Beds, Replicators, Free Energy, Stargates & Antigravity!

[CB]/[DS] Move Forward With Reset, Trump Counters With EO - Ep. 2336a

Places of Lore/Vampire Folklore/Paranormal Oddities with A. P. Sylvia!

Police offi. Footage showing… Mais PC Sampson hitting the head of a minor!

Portugal Court Says Lockdown people its Ilegal and Covid19 PCR tests arent Reliable!

The Boiling Frog Effect???



[CB]/[DS] Move Forward With Reset, Trump Counters With EO - Ep. 2336a


11/23/2020 - We the People are well represented! Secretary of Defense dropped bombs!

The Truth About Face Masks?Another Youtube Banned Video!


David Wilcock SECRET SPACE PROGRAMS: Declassified in 2020?



  2. even though I didn't understand much English, everything I could verify in moments left me stunned. God keep us from all harm. Amen

    1. Dont Worry. Its time from Cabal fall Down. Continue watching the "Show". :)